Thor Melsted
Sherman Oaks, CA

I have more than 20 years of experience writing PHP code, Object Oriented, Procedural and Functional.

My experience is varied, though mostly rooted in PHP/MySql and I have extensive experience with Angular front ends.

I've also written multiple scripts using shell and perl, and have created applications ranging from .NET to Python to C/C++, Java and Objective-C.
Some of my applications have been used in anything from online stores to API to API communication systems to motion picture post production workflows, ranging from indie productions to tent-pole blockbusters.

Database construction and optimization is something I've done many times in my years. I've taken commercial applications and optimized search methods to cut search times. In one particular instance by as much as 833,000 percent when I took the search time down from 25 seconds to 0.003 seconds by rethinking the search algorithm.

As you can probably see from this page - while I can easily take others' designs and make them work, I don't spend much time on graphic design.